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Welcome you our section for different kind of safes

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Safes are in every-day speech most often used as an umbrella term for many different types of storage cabinets/safes with varying degrees of rated or unrated burglary and/or fire protection that has been equipped with various locking systems. Arkivexperten offers a wide range of safes that are in line with the above mentioned definition, comprised of sturdy but simple low cost safes with basic burglar protection to heavy duty burglar and fire rated high security safes, in many different combinations of sizes, builds, ratings, colours, designs and locking systems. Arkivexperten tip! Although many still ask for manually key locked safes, the tides are changing, and we at Arkivexperten ar certain that the better option nowadays is to choose a safe with an electronic battery driven combination keypad code lock system instead which will fruitfully help you to avoid both the need to carry your safe keys with you, at risk of loosing them, or worse, lead you to hide them somewhere in the vicinity of the safe (which is common, and unfortunately well known by most burglars). A safe-related historic curiosity By Swedish standards, a Safe (or our term Kassaskåp), historically refers to any lockable cabinet that has been Burglary and Fire protection rated in accordance with SS3493. There is today however no more manufacturing of cabinets that meet these historical standards, which by a formal Swedish viewpoint means that newly manufactured Real safes (Kassaskåp), are nowadays a thing of the past, although there are previously used Real safes out there that occasionally ends up in our Bargain Basement section. You can read more about Safes (if you are a little acquainted with Swedish) on ArkiWiki, follow the link to the right Kassaskåp