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Welcome to our boutique in Piteå!

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Tistelvägen 37
941 42 Piteå

Here you can find a wide selection of safes ranging in models, securtiy, fuctions and much more!

Delar av personalen i butiken

Here you can find our boutique:

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About Us

Where it all started

The year was 2002, it was a dark October up in the north of Sweden and Roland took his first steps towards entrepreneurship after 31 years of working within banking. In a small location in Furunäsets business park, just a few kilometers from the center of Piteå, Arkivexperten witnessed the light of day for the first time.

A company in transition

At first Roland's idea for Arkivexperten - former NDSA - was to design and deliver smart, computer-controlled archive solutions to companies with extensive filing needs. An idea remnant of Rolands years compact filling experience from banking.

Through the years came the company's focus, however, to the smaller security solutions, such as filing storage and safes. And that brings us to today.

Arkivexperten today

Today Arkivexperten is one of Sweden's largest online shops for secure and though through storage solutions. In our online shop you will find over a thousand different products that we deliver daily to customers all over Sweden, and even Finland, Denmark and Norway. With our huge selection and expertise, we are guaranteed to help you find the storage solutions that fit your needs.

It does not matter whether it be for your business or that you are thinking about something for your home. We work with all types of customers, both large and small, and always with the same ambition to build a good relationship with you. It's our livelihood. Welcome into the family!



Arkivexperten i Norr AB


Roland Ekerlin

[Bild: Roland Ekerlin]

Roland Ekerlin

Owner & Founder, Long term strategic development

Telephone: (0046) 911 - 21 26 27, E-mail: roland[HbGzm8bh]

Roland is the founder and owner of Arkivexperten and has 31 years of experience from banking, where he started as a postulant and finally advanced to a bank executive. During his yeas as Director of development in Nordea, Roland was heading the centralisation, and creation of a, by that time, state of the art computer system for filing, File & Find IT och är "pappa" used to centralise the management and storage of all banking files within the Swedish, and later also Finish branch of Nordea. Roland therefore carry great knowledge about archive solutions, logistics, project management and organisational development which has served him well in Arkivexperten (The Archive expert) as well.

In his spare time he cherishes his passion for his boat, hunting with his dog, and family life. In the fall he often finds himself in the family cabin in Klippen village, near Hemavan, where he works on the cabin, relaxes and go on Grouse hunting trips. He is also as most of us at Arkivexperten a fan of Luleå Hockey (a Swedish Hockey League club), which he has been since his childhood years in Luleå, years as hockey coach in Rosvik, which is a community between Luleå and Piteå.

Mattias Ekerlin

[Bild: Mattias Ekerlin]

Mattias Ekerlin


Telephone: (0046) 0911 - 21 26 21, E-mail: mattias[HbGzm8bh]

Mattias has many years of experience as a field salesman dealing with everything from office supplies to advertisement on digital video signs. He has also solid experience as an entrepreneur, and from dealing with import and sales of smaller tractors as well as a broad range of recreational equipment. As a son to Roland he has also followed the development of Arkivexperten from start, and has worked for Arkivexperten for many years which gives him an excellent insight into all parts of Arkivexperten. Since the fall of 2016 Mattias has worked as Arkivexperten's manager with the overall and general responsibility for Arkivexperten and its continued progression.

On his spare time Mattias loves to spend time with his family, take a stroll with his families dogs, go on hunting trips, paint paintings (often depicting historical events), listen to music, read and learn about history. He has therefore come to be the most knowledgeable at Arkivexperten when it comes to Swedish history, and can tell about all kind of important historical events, and kings in Swedish history (try asking him!). He is also the record holder at Arkivexperten when it comes to villa-renovations, having renovated a total of three houses over the years, which of course makes him an excellent amateur carpenter besides historian.

Since a few years ago Mattias is also active in The Home Guard – National Security Forces (or Hemvärnet - Nationella skyddsstyrkorna in Swedish), which plays an important role as a well educated military reserve to the Swedish Armed Forces. Occasionally he also gets time over to go cheer Luleå Hockey in SHL (and CHL), preferably in Coop Arena which is Luleå Hockeys home arena.

Magnus Persson

[Bild: Magnus Persson]

Magnus Persson

IT-development, Customer Service & Sales, and Marketing among other things

Telephone: (0046) 0911 - 21 26 26, E-mail: magnus[HbGzm8bh]

Magnus has previously worked with IT-based management of information- and documentation within Ericsson, were he had an important function as a link between coders and end customers, working as a specialist on user customisation and user-friendliness. This has been, and is still of great importance to Arkivexperten both in terms of our webbshop, products, instructions, and the like.

At Arkivexperten Magnus is a typical "go to guy", which has made us jokingly refer to or present Magnus as Technologie Doctor Persson (he is really a bit of a MacGyver). In short Magnus really like to solve problems, and he is very good at it too.

Besides being our all-round technology and regulation related go to guy, Magnus also works with marketing, graphic design, and of course, as all of us, with helping customers, most often with more technically challenging errands.

In his spare time Magnus is (surprise surprise) a dedicated and curious problem solver and has many varying ongoing personal projects at any time. Back in the days he also played electrical piano in a well booked cover-band named King kong. Some years ago he also got a bit famous within Swedish Geocaching circuits (a modern kind of treasure hunt with GPS & GLonass), first as the top "First to find" - Geocacher in Norrbotten, and later for contributing to making Piteå a bit of a Geocaching mecka with help of creating and placing out popular though through, and/or, high tech caches that can be found in Piteå and its vicinity, as well as arranging Geocache meet ups with his Geocaching friends.

Marcus Bjurström

[Bild: Marcus Bjurström]

Marcus Bjurström

Marketing, Graphic design, Customer Service & Sales

Telephone: (0046) 0911 - 21 26 22, E-mail: marcus[HbGzm8bh]

Marcus has a media education, and great talent and interest for graphic design. He also has multiple years of experience from customer service, e.g. as technical support at Microsofts customer service. These very different and educational experiences has given him an incredible sense for costumer centred work, both in terms of customer service (he's a splendid listener), and customer-based marketing, graphic designs, and advertisement.

At Arkivexperten Marcus works with a varying combination of customer-oriented work, such as service, sales, guarantee issues, as well as offers and marketing. Since 2017 he was announced as the new head of marketing at Arkivexperten, which nowadays consumes a lot of his time, as he continuously works to take Arkivexperten to new heights in light of marketing, webshop, and advertisement campaigns and graphics.

Since a few years ago Marcus is nowadays also a father of three children of which the two are twins, and the happy owner of a house near Piteå centrum. Before the arrival of his first daughter, and now the two twins, which together gain most of his attention after work, Marcus was a master of Video-games, with a specialty in the EA Sports NHL series, which shows on his grotesquely muscular thumbs (;D). Over many years Marcus and his friends also arranged yearly NHL-tournaments in Piteå with numerous of NHL-players.

The most odd thing about Marcus is however his totally inappropriate cheering of the Hockey club Skellefteå AIK (south of Piteå), which recently, and unfortunately for us Luleå Hockey (north of Piteå) fans at Arkivexperten dominated the Swedish Hockey League for some years. They just kept winning and winning and winning, not least over Luleå Hockey, in an era that could be reasonably referred to as the Dark Ages in Arkivexpeten's Office history (;D) (Author's completely unbiased opinion, don't tell Marcus about this text!).

Kent Sundberg

[Bild: Kent Sundberg]

Kent Sundberg

Order & Invoice administration, Customer Service & Sales

Telephone: (0046) 0911 - 21 26 23, E-mail: kent.sundberg[HbGzm8bh]

Kent has a Master of Business administration background and multiple years of work-related experience from both government and public agency to small business activity, and has worked with everything from office-related administration to business economy and sales.

One of his superpowers is his admirable administration efficiency, which is a perfect skill in his position at Arkivexperten. Kent has therefore at times been handling close to all of our order administration. This has, since he started, ensured that we can ship and deliver our products and invoices, right on time over the majority of the year. Most of the time our products will now leave us the same days as we received your order (Thanks Kent!).

In his spare time Kent enjoys to either relax with his relatives or on his bike or inlines (a growing interest). He is also the only Archive expert who takes his bike to work Every Single Day! It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or storms outside. Perhaps that is the secret to his impressing efficiency!

Rikard Bergsten

[Bild: Rikard Bergsten]

Rikard Bergsten

Our compact shelving expert - Customer Service & Sale, Marketing, Assembly/Dismantling

Telephone: (0046) 0770 - 33 97 50, E-mail: rikard[HbGzm8bh]

Rikard has the longest and most solid experience of dealing with compact shelving solutions acquired from many years of work within the three largest companies in Sweden that deals with high density storage. He therefore has long experience from working with everything from previously used, and completely new compact archives (or high density archives, as it is called too), to various fixed shelving solutions, on all levels, from marketing and sales to assembly or dismantling of numerous different compact storage systems.

At Arkivexperten Rikard therefore carries the main responsibility for our compact shelving and shelving system section, in close cooperation with Mattias and Roland (who both too have a lot of experience from work with such kinds of archive solutions).

When Rikard isn't occupied with marketing, selling, assembling or dismantling of compact archives or other high density storage units, his most preferred interest is to spend time with his family, especially since he became the father of two only a few years ago.

Bo Jonsson

[Bild: Bo Jonsson]

Bo Jonsson

Customer Service & Sales, Order- & Invoice administration

Telephone: (0046) 0911 - 21 26 25 , E-mail: bosse[HbGzm8bh]

Bo (or Bosse as we usually say in Sweden) has a bit of a different background than the rest of us at Arkivexperten which helps us with many new insights. Before his start at Arkivexperten Bosse has worked in the engineering business (mainly as a painter for Fermeco), throughout his entire adult life, until he one day decided that it was time for something else, which eventually led to his fantastic start at Arkivexperten in the fall of 2016. A complete transformation of his working life, different in so many ways from what he was used to, but he really liked it, and is now closing in on his third year at Arkivexperten!

(It seems that the vapors and chemicals from his previous work got to his brains after all? ;D)

Joking aside, after so many years in the harsh environment of the engineering industry, he really felt that he and his body have had enough of it already, and was ready for something else. Something that we at Arkivexperten are happy about today since his practical skills and sharp mind has come to great use for Arkivexperten. Lastly, his relaxed and confident persona is of course a perfect combination for the work with our customers' widely different errands.

In his spare time Bosse is a real family and outdoor man who loves to take long strolls through our great forests here in the north of Sweden, or to go on hunting trips. Although judging by his hunting stories, we think it's wise to put your signal clothing on if you are to join him on a trip, or make a visit to the forests surrounding Piteå when Bosse is out hunting (;D). Lastly he is, like Mattias, also involved in the Homeguard - National Security Forces.

Erik Wallsten

[Bild: Erik Wallsten]

Erik Wallsten

Economy, Accounting, Customer Service & Sales

Telephone: (0046) 0911 - 21 26 24, E-mail: erik[HbGzm8bh]

Erik has multiple years of experience from paint-related retail business, after working at Colorama (a large Paint retailer in Sweden), both in Uppsala and Piteå, first as a salesman, and later, for the most part with economy and accounting. Thanks to Erik's start at Arkivexperten there is now much more time for other areas of great importance to Arkivexperten, such as the development of our customer service (already known to be good), handling of orders, marketing, and the organisation as a whole, which altogether hopefully will make us an even better option for you as customers.

In his spare time, Erik loves to spend time in nature, and his cabin. In addition, Erik is like Mattias and Bosse also active in the Home Guard - National Security Forces, where he now also functions as Group Manager. Otherwise Erik is a well-read academic with good insight into Norrlands nation at Uppsala university, which he also tends to visit once a year or so.

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