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Fire protection rated safes and cabinets


Welcome to our section for fire protection rated safes and cabinets

A fire rated safe can be said to belong to one of following categories: Document safes, which are built for protection of paper-based documents, files, photos (not negatives), and other less heat-sensitive valuables, such as various jewellery (not technical equipment). All document safes also have a fair degree of burglar protection as well. Data Media safes, which besides their shared perks with document safes, are built with a Data media based fire protection rating, meaning they will help to protect a majority of common technical equipment as well, such as media devices, laptops, external hard drives, USB-sticks, CD/DVDs, cameras and the like (not negatives, or magnet tapes). All data media safes also have a fair degree of burglar protection. Arkivexperten Tip! Thanks to the all-round security properties of Data media safes, we at Arkivexperten, are prone to think of Data media safes as the prime options for most of our customers, both in work space environments, but especially so for home security improvements.