Value safes with an EN1143-1 burglary rating


Have a look at our range of EN1143-1 rated high value safes

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An EN1143-1 rated safe has been tested and approved in accordance with the European norm for burglary protection testing (EN1143-1), and can therefore depending on its protection grade (0 - VII) be insurance-approved for storage of values ranging from 50 000 up to 1.6 million SEK. In Sweden this means that a high security EN1143-1 rated safe is insurance approved for the storage of values ranging from 50.000 SEK in Grade 0 safes, all the way up to 1.6 million SEK in Grade VII safes. In short this means that the EN1143-1 burglary rated value safes will offer you the best protection against burglars available on the market for the different value sums. Lastly, as a bonus, the majority of Arkivexperten's high security safes are fire protection rated as well, which makes them a splendid allround option for secure storage of high values at home or in company locales.


Grade 0

For values up to 50.000 SEK

Grade I

For values up to 80.000 SEK

Grade II

For values up to 140.000 SEK

Grade III

For values up to 210.000 SEK

Grade IV

For values up to 350.000 SEK

Grade V

For values up to 550.000 SEK

Grade VI

For values up to 830.000 SEK

Grade VII

For values up to 1.650.000 SEK