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Compact shelving for high density storage

Welcome to our section for compact shelving solutions

Nationwide deliveries and assembly of Compact shelving/High density storage Archives

Arkivexperten has delivered and assembled compact storage systems av the highest quality throughout the whole of Scandinavia.
  • We are interested in all sorts of archive projects, regardless of sizes and builds, and has worked with assemblies of everything from very small compact shelving archives up to large organisational systems for central filing of whole organisations filing needs

  • Your archive system will be assembled by professional fitters, both swift and effectively to keep up with the high standars we are aiming for.

  • Compact shelving systems can be both built and adapted to your specific needs, and in case of your interest we will discuss everything from Size to material choices (steel or wood), and what is suppose to be stored in the archive? Such as Binders, Clothing, Shoeboxes, Tools, Spare parts or other stock goods.

  • The High density Archive is also build and adapted to the space possible in terms of square metres, and hight.

Want to know more? Try a visit to our sibling site

On you can find a lot of useful information about compact shelving, archives, and shelving. You can also watch some actual footage of previously sold and assembled archives.

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... or contact us for tips and advices!

Never hesitate to contact us with any questions, or for more information and thoughtful advices about compact shelving and archives. Our experts on the topic, Rikard and Mattias, are looking forward to help you!

  • [Bild: Rikard Bergsten]
    Rikard Bergsten

    Rikard number: 0770-33 97 50

    Rikard's E-mail: rikard[HbGzm8bh]

  • [Bild: Mattias Ekerlin]
    Mattias Ekerlin

    Mattias number: 0911-212621

    Mattias E-mail: mattias[HbGzm8bh]

In order to give you an offer we need to know the following:

  • How large is the archive storage room:
    Width, Length, and Headroom (Ceiling hight)?

  • If you prefer hand crank (steering wheel), or stationary handles?

  • If you're interested in a new or used system (used are always in good conditions)

  • What your specific needs and expectations are

  • How the compact shelving room looks, and what it contains right now (through sketch or drawings). Here it is helpful if you describes e.g. the position of radiators, ventilation pipes, sewer drainage, lighting, and anything else you might think is of essence to the compact shelving system design.

What is the content of an archive system offer?

The content of an offer depends on your specific expectations and needs. Besides the information on the compact solution, there is also information about delivery and assembly times, and the price of it all (shipping and assembly included), as well as pictures and descriptions about the archive materials. There is of course also the possibility for adjustments and complements as necessary before we proceed with your offer.

Here is a film clip (although in Swedish) about compact shelving: