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Archive cabinets for filing or storage of documents and binders

Welcome to our range of archive cabinets

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Archive cabinets are used for ordered efficient storage, and management of everything from suspension files to documents in binders, or other forms, which is perfect for storage in offices, but also at home for your important binders or other documents. Arkivexperten have worked to put together a wide and varied range of archive and filing cabinets to suit your needs by offering both large and small archive cabinets, in many different materials and colours, equipped with different locking systems, ranging from manual key locks or mechanic combination lock to the more popular battery powered electronic keypad code locks, all so that you can find something that fits your special needs. Some of our archive cabinets are also fire protecting, in the form of either fire insulated archive cabinets, or fire protection rated archive or filing cabinets. There are also unrated burglary protecting archive cabinets, or burglary protection rated archive cabinets, and lastly some archive cabinets with both burglary and fire protection. We hope you find what you need, otherwise we are happy to help you with your special storage needs!