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Fire protection cabinets and safes

Welcome to our section for fire protecting cabinets and safes

Fire protecting cabinets and safes is an umbrella term for multiple categories of various fire protecting or fire protection rated cabinets and/or safes that are differently build depending on how heat-sensitive the materials they are built to protect are. Paper-based material (e.g. documents, files, binders, photos, passports, money, and such) is e.g. much less heat sensitive than computers and data media hardware products (e.g. USB-sticks, external hard drives, CD/DVDs), which subsequently are less heat sensitive than photo negatives and magnetic tape materials (found in diskettes, audio and video tapes). The different categories of fire protecting safes or cabinets are therefore built to keep their internal temperature below the temperature at which the materials they are built to protect begin to be destroyed (in an external temperature of 1000*C for 30, 60, 90 or 120 min), which for paper is 180*C, for Data Media is 80*C, and for Data Media with magnetic tape (e.g. diskettes), or photo negatives is 60*C. Arkivexperten offer a wide range of fire protecting cabinets, from unrated fire insulating cabinets, to rated fireproof Document safes, and fireproof Data Media safe, all the way to Diskette-rated fireproof Data Media safes that will protect photo negatives and media with magnetic tape besides paper and ordinary Data Media. Lastly we also offer a range of fire resistant cabinets (or fire stopping) for storage of flammables in e.g. stores and industry, which are built to stop external fires from igniting the flammables inside the cabinet


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