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Data and media storage safes

Welcome to our range of fireproof safes for computer hardware and media devices

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Data Media safes are the perfect solution for protecting not only your important documents but also your various computer hardware gadget and media devices from full blown fires. All our Data Media safes are able to protect everything from paper-based files and digital storage media (e.g. CD/DVD, and USB sticks) to various computer and media hardware devices such as external hard drives, backup disks, tablets, cameras or other similar technical equipment. However, only a dosen or so, are rated for protection of very heat-sensitive material as well such as photo negatives, and magnet disks found in tapes, videobands, floppy disks and the like, which requires a NT Fire 017 60 (or 120) Diskette rating. There is also a range of Data media inserts for Document safes the Diskette rating, although we recommend you to go for a complete safe if magnet tapes or negatives are an important concern for you since the inserts do take up a lot of space in the safes themselves. Now take a moment to think about what you really want to store in your data media safe, and choose your category accordingly, or give us a call if you have any questions or want some more tips! Datamediaskåp