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Key store safe boxes for outdoor storage of keys

Welcome to our range of key store safe boxes (aka Key Lock boxes, or Nyckelgömman)

Key store safe boxes are a much smarter and safer alternative to the otherwise commonn method of hiding your spare keys somewhere e.g. on your porch, in a flower pot, under the doormat, when someone is coming over and your not home, or you don't want your kids to have their own keys that they might loose at some point with larger costs as a consequence. Key store combination lock boxes are often also used instad of hiding keys somewhere around your vacation cabin, or summar place, so that you can avoid being locked out after hours of driving when you realise you left your keys at home There is many more uses than this, they are very low cost but still offers a very sturdy storage which is even better if you mount somewhere away from sight (or e.g. at your neighbour if that is ok for them), so you will not be disappointed with your key store safe box (or Nyckelgömma, meaning "Key hideout", as Arkivexperten call them.