Tailor your own shelving system

Welcome to our section for tailoring of your own archive or shelving system

Before you begin to choose any archive components Start with measuring the archive space, and take a moment to think about how your archive should look in light of your storage needs. Which components do you need to build your own shelving unit? 1. Complete gables - Choose the hight and depth of your gables. For one single free standing unit you only need two gables. If you however plan to mount many shelves to each other side by side you will need two starting gables plus one for each additional section, so for a shelving unit with 3 sections you will need 4 gables, if mounted side by side. 2. Complete shelves - Choose length and depth of your shelves. Think about what you want to store on the shelf and how much space you have for your archive. 3. Last but most important! If you have any questions or are just hungry for a chat with one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us by your preferred means. Good Luck!


Complete shelfs & gavlar

Easiest way to build your own shelving unit

Shelving components

Great for those who loves LEGO, and want to build the unit completely