Parcel drop boxes with theft protection

Welcome to our range of parcel drop boxes for ordinary and parcel mail

A Parcel drop box is essentially a large sized Letter and Mail box with a larger drop slip design that allows for drop slit deliveries of small to medium sized online shopping packages and the like. Perfect for those who are tired of pick up your parcels at your "closest" post office all the time. As with our larger letter mail boxes, parcel drop boxes are also mounted to the ground with help of our ground-mounting pike, but can of course be stabilised with any other home-built construction Lastly, alike our other range of Post Letter mail boxes, there is a key lock, which can be "deactivated" although we highly recommend you to always lock your mail boxes to prevent ID thefts, which could be especially important for online shoppers, as most of us are today.

Säker förvaring
  • 10665_MP3500-700x700

    Parcel dropbox from Berglunds with key lock

    H x W x D: 1050 x 380 x 230 mm
    Perfect for online shoppers!
    2.850 kr
    3.390 kr
    Lock system, Key lock
    STIL3500 is a Swedish-made Berglund's parcel dropbox with large capacity for both ordinary mail, letters and small parcels.
    Perfect choice for all online shoppers thanks to the parcel drop opening!
  • 10670_MP4000_H-377x800

    Parcel dropbox from Berglunds with key lock

    H x W x D: 1020 x 390 x 280 mm
    The perfect mailbox for your online shopping!
    4.150 kr
    4.425 kr
    Lock system, Key lock
    MP4000 Package is a Swedish-made Berglund's parcel dropbox in modern design with large capacity for ordinary mail and parcels. Perfect for online shopping, or when you are away and don't want to worry about mailbox overflow, or that someone steals important documents that would simplify identity theft.