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Fire and Burglary protection & storage packages. It's not easy to pick out the best and most priceworthy packages to suit your needs from our vast range of security and storage products. Therefore Arkivexperten decided to lend you a hand with our own selection of thought through packages to help you a little extra, in combination with giving you extraordinary package discounts to help you improve your storage and security at home or at work. We hope you will find a package that suits your needs, if not we are more than happy to help you along the way. Just give us a call, or send us a mail today: Contact us!

Secure & Thought through storage
  • brandpkt_dms442

    Fire protection package with DMS442E

    Safe, Key cabinets and key store safe box in one package!
    15.313 kr
    18.249 kr
    Number of binders, 7-12 bindersFire protection, 90 min for paperFire protection, 60 min for hard drives, USB, and DVDsLock system, Electronic code lockBolt-down ready, Yes