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Boco do Lobo

Boca dol lobo Exklusiva kassaskåp

Portugese Boca do Lobo is a manufacturer of luxury safes for millionaires and the demanding, with a dedicated focus on unique, exquisite, and astonishing designs.
All their products are handmade in connection with your order by the most skilful craftsmen in the domain, which mean that they can also be customised to perfection to fulfil your expectations and desires.

Take a moment of awe to have a look at a handful of Boca do Lobo's collection of safes, cabinets and fittings, because it's a delight for your eyes and mind.

  • Boca-do-Lobo-Arkivexperten-Exklusivt-kassaskap-baron-champagne-c

    Baron Silver by Boca Do Lobo - Exclusive luxury safe w/ remote control

    This extraordinary cabinet is suitable for all who wants a high standard design and function in one.
    2.481.775 kr
    3.109.783 kr
    Lock system, Electronic code lock
    Boca do lobo luxury safes is a series of completely handmade cabinets in extraordinary designs, and are in many ways as much art as they are safes....
  • diamond-safe-box-HR-02

    Boca do lobo Black Diamond Luxury safe

    An astonishing Dimond shaped safe or a Piece of art? You decide. Meet Boco do lobo's Luxury safe series!
    407.275 kr
    488.486 kr
    Lock system, Electronic code lock
    Boca do lobo luxury safes is a series of cabinets that are completely handmade in extremely stylish design and most suitable for those who want something much more than just a smart and safe storage unit. In this series Black Diamond is a treat for anyone's eyes, and will lift any room that it's placed in to new dimensions in terms of luxury and interior decorating for sure! Although it is as much a piece of art as it is a safe, Black Diamond do indeed let you experience all the perks of having a safe....