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Chemical storage cabinets

Welcome to our range of chemical storage cabinets

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Chemical storage cabinets are use for storage of hazardous chemicals, as well as flammable solids, and liquids. Many of our cabinets for chemical storage are designed with specific types of storage in mind, which makes them different in terms of sizes, builds, materials, and fittings. From various types of chemical cabinets for corrosive liquids with drop-protection shelves that prevents damage from leaking bottles, and are equipped with various ventilation arrangements, to fire resistant display cabinets, and ventilated safety cabinets for storage of hazardous gas cylinders of e.g. PK5, M16, P45 and other types. Arkivexperten tip! Since various countries, and branches might differ in their regulations for storage of hazardous materials, we recommend you to check with your countries regulation authorities, but are always willing to help you along they way. So never hesitate to reach out to us with any of your questions!