S2 safe with code lock & fire protection (60 min) for paper

H × W × D: 670 x 480 x 460 mm

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Fire protection, 60 min for paper
Burglary protection, Rated S2, EN14450
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Bolt-down ready, Yes
Number of binders, 7-12 binders

S2-FSB 67E is a perfect option for all who are looking for a comprehensive protection for their valuables both from burglars and fire in one piece! Fire rated S2 cabinets offers just that. The best of two worlds! This particular S2 cabinet is tested to protect paper and other materials with equal heat tolerance up to 60 minutes. Thanks to the spacious interior of FSB 67 there is also room for a Data media Fire chest. Adding such a chest would mean that you get fire protection for your tech items and data media (USB, External hard drive, CD/DVDs) as well. By doing so you really get an all inclusive protection, at lowest possible price! Lastly S2-FSB67E is equipped with a code lock. This is great for many different reasons, not least to spare you from all problems related to keys.
Article number:S2-FSB67E_VIT
14.675kr / pcs
16.050 kr / pcs
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