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Filing cabinets with burglary protection rating

Welcome to our range of burglar protection rated filing cabinets

  • DSK-CashProtector.2

    Cash deposit safe

    For easy handling of daily cash and exchange cash, H x W x D: 600 x 460 x 460 mm
    10.140 kr
    11.970 kr
    Burglary protection, Anti-theftLock system, Electronic code lockBolt-down ready, Yes
  • RSH 2000

    Security pedestal for safe deposit of the daily takings

    Safer cabinet for daily taking cash deposits!
    19.240 kr
    21.200 kr
    RSH2K is a sturdier built and thus safer pedestal for storage of daily takings, including bank notes, coins, is a great choice for all in need of a storage pedestal with and documents during the opening hours....