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Value safes with unrated, or rated burglary and/or fire protection

Welcome to our range of safes for storage of valuables

Value safes can be seen as an umbrella term for a multitude of differently built safes, with or without Burglary and/or Fire rated protection, in numerous of combinations of sizes, colours, and locking systems (with basic key locking, to keypad code locks, or both). How much can I store in a value safe? Since there is a great variety in the builds, and potential burglary ratings of value safes there is also a great difference in which values it is reasonable to store in the various safes. To give some examples, it can be argued that our range of sturdier unrated safes might be fit for non-insured storage of values up to 5000 SEK if mounted in e.g. a closet, while the EN1143-1 rated high security safes are often even approved (by Swedish insurance companies) for insured storage of values all the way up from 50.000 SEK (in Grade 0 safes) to 1.6 million SEK (in Grade VII safes). Arkivexperten tip! There is many medium cost burglary (and/or fire) rated safes that aren't necessarily much more expensive then some of our sturdier low cost safes, so we ought you to take a look at those too before you decide which safes will suit your budget, storage and security needs the best


Cube lockers

Value boxes for short term storage of simple valuables

Unrated low value safes

Value safes for values up to 5.000 SEK

Burglary rated S2 safes

High value safes for values up to 40.000 SEK

Burglary rated cabinets

High value cabinets for values up to 40.000 SEK

EN1143-1 rated value safes

High security safes for values between 50.000-1,6 m SEK