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Security cabinets

Welcome to our range of security cabinets

Security cabinets come in all sizes, builds, burglary, and/or fire ratings, and makes for great secure and though through storage of valuables at home or in the office, be it cash as in daily takings, media devices, backups, jewellery, passports or likewise. Our range of security cabinets and safes contains everything from basic unrated burglary protecting safes to high quality, and high value burglary rated cabinets that can be approved for insured storage of various values (in Sweden, and possibly other countries as well). Some are also built with basic fire insulation up to rated fire protection in 30 - 120 min. Pick a category that suits your protection needs below, or get in contact with us for tips budget, security, and storage wise!


SS3492/SSF3492-rated cabinets

For values up to 40.000 SEk

Burglary rated safes

For higher value storage

Unrated low value safes

For values up to 5 000 kr

Document safes

For fire and burglar protection