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Exclusive designer safes

Welcome to our range of exclusive safes

Most safes are just cuboids in grey or white, which might be practical, but not very interesting and appealing, therefore we at Arkivexperten concluded on a coffée break many years ago that we should begin to work on a section with interesting safes that can be more than a unit for storage.

We ended up with a collection of designer safes that ranges from various cheaper safes with nicer designs than the average safe, through a more costly exclusive collection of German made Döttling's safes with beautiful designs and extraordinary luxury fittings, all the way up to our most Breathtaking, Amazing, and Astonishing collection of safes, or rather hand made pieces of art (that in fact are safes), designed and built by skilful craftsmen at the Italian manufacturer Boco do Lobo.

Today we are proud to say that we can really offer a safe for anyone now, from the regular Joe, to the most demanding millionaires who might only settle for the most exclusive!

So, take a look at our range exclusive safes below, if not for the sake of buying one, then definitely for the eye candy they all present!