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Batteries for electronic keypad code locks on safes and cabinets

Welcome to our section for High Quality Batteries in AA, AAA, & 9V sizes

Battery powered combination code locks

Most of todays safes are equipped with electronic keypad combination code locks, for many great reasons, not least for better security (since no keys have to be hidden, or yet worse lost).

Most of our keypad code locks are good to go for 1-2 years with new batteries (depending on daily use of the keypad and the quality and age of the batteries inserted).

Our experience has shown us that the quality and age of batteries make a big difference when it comes to keypad combination code locks at safes since the locking mechanism might be heavy to move. We therefore recommend Duracell, since these has proven to be best in the majority of our Safe Keypad code locks.

  • duracell-litiumbatteri-dl2032-cr2032-2st-0

    Duracell CR2032 Battery 2-pack

    CR2032 batteries with great performance and endurance!
    88 kr
    125 kr
    Duracell CR2032 electronics has an exceptionally good service life.
    Used, among other things, f...
  • Duracell-AAA-4fpk

    Duracell AA Batteries 4 pack

    Duracell Ultra Power AAA Battery 4 pack
    78 kr
    85 kr
    Duracell Ultra Power AAA battery has exceptionally good life span.
    We therefore recommend these...