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Computer Laptop, and Tablet trolleys for 10-16 units


Welcome to our range of medium sized trolleys for computers, laptops, and tablets

  • plv16lap_red_open_2878

    Computer laptop trolley for 16 devices with charging

    PLV - The Best laptop trolleys on the market: Low weight, Large wheels, Smarter Cable & Charging management!
    15.940 kr
    18.995 kr
    PLV16 Lap is a great and popular laptop computer trolley with 16 separate compartments for storage and charging of portable computers. PLV trolleys are in fact some of The Best computer trolleys on the market thanks to their: Light weight design and large wheels for easy rolling of the cart, Smart cable and charging management systems and last but not least their availability in four different joyful colour combinations for easy identification of trolleys when one has several. All in all a Complete and Very well thought out product!...
  • 0141100e_frilagt

    Robust laptop trolley with for storage & charging of 16 units

    Mobile laptop computer Storage & Charging!
    12.670 kr
    13.440 kr
    Laptop computer trolley with 16 separate storage and charging compartments. Equipped with sturdy spanner lock system, and separate power outlets for each compartment. Very convenient for overnight storage (& charging)!...
  • ltv16f

    Practical laptop trolley with 16 separate compartments

    Charging, Storage & Transport in one!
    15.140 kr
    17.995 kr
    LTV16F is a laptop trolley with 16 separate lockable compartments suitable for any company or organisation such as schools with a need for practical mobile storage solutions for laptop computers....
  • laddskap

    Robust laptop trolley with room & power outlets for 12 units

    For storage & charging of 12 portable computers!
    12.440 kr
    13.856 kr
    SLS12N is a robustly built trolley (or Cart) for 12 portable computers or other likewise units.
    The computer trolley is equipped with built in easily accessed power outlets for all 12 units inside.
    Perfect for schools or other situations with the need for a portable storage of media devices!