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Server cabinets

Welcome to our section for computer server cabinets

  • Serverskap-DSS65-bild-2

    Camera server cabinet

    Protect your camera servers from theft!
    5.463 kr
    6.113 kr
    It is usually forgotten that it's actually required that camera servers are locked in and prot...
  • VS425_3

    Lockable sheet metal cabinet with cable entry

    Perfect for computer / server, or why not coffee maker?
    2.425 kr
    2.738 kr

    VS425 is a fully welded sheet metal cabinet of very good quality. Perfect for those who are mainly out for storage and doesn't care about substantial theft protection, or fire protection. Suitable for various gods such as binders, equipment, supplies, at a small surface area.
  • dss175_open2

    Computer cabinet for workshop environments

    Computer station cabinet equipped with Dust-free cable glands, Pull-out keyboard, and mouse pad shelf, and fan!
    12.425 kr
    14.031 kr
    With help of this computer workstation cabinet you can easily store and access a computer and printer in your workshop, since it protects the printer and computer from dust and dirt when not used while not taking up to much space in your workshop....
  • http___DSS550.profsafe

    Small computer protection box for stationary computer

    Protect your computers from theft, vandalisation, & plunderage
    10.588 kr
    12.063 kr
    DSS550 is a priceworthy easily placed and installed sheet metal box (shell) for protection of a stationary computer (laptop) from adverse consequences of unauthorised access, in schools and other environment.
  • SSK190F.1

    SSF3492 rated computer cabinet with fan & power outlet

    Perfect as a server cabinet or terminal in a workshop!
    38.050 kr
    43.006 kr
    Large ventilated SSF3492 rated security cabinet that can be used as e.g. a computer workstation and/or server cabinet.
    SSK190F is equipped with power outlet, dust cap protected vents, and an thermostatically controlled fan to keep the internal temperature at an acceptable level when locked.