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Burglary protection safes

All safes offer som sort of burglary protection. However, the degree of theft protection varies. Certified and burglary rated / security rated safes offer significantly stronger burglary protection than "ordinary" anti-theft models without classification. Below are four categories: Anti-theft safes without burglary rating that thus only offer anti-theft protection. S2 rated safes which include S2 EN14450 rated safes (approved in most European countries, however not yet in Sweden, where it is classified as an anti-theft safe). Security rated safes which include SSF3492 (formerly SS3492) rated security cabinets. Approved for storage of values up to 40,000 SEK (in Sweden). High security value safes which include EN1143-1-rated safes of Grade 0 to 7. Approved for values from 50,000 (Grade 0) to 1.6 million (Grade 7). Take a look under the category that best suits your needs!


Anti-theft safes

Suitable for values up to 5000 SEK

S2 rated safes

Suitable for values up to 40.000 SEK

Security rated SS(F)3492 safes

Approved for up to 40.000 SEK

EN1143-1 rated value safes

Approved for 50.000 to 1.65 million SEK