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Tool cabinets

Welcome to our range of tool and equipment cabinets

Keep your tools and equipment in better order, and protect them from unauthorised use. Take o look at our customisable empty cabinet options or fitting cabinets for a fresh storage start in your workshop.

Secure storage
  • VS292_o
    4.700 kr
    5.310 kr
    mountingVery affordable tool cabinet for garages and workshops. Delivered unassembled to keep the price down. Perfect priceworthy solution for improving your order of tools, equipment and other hardware at home or the workshop.
  • VS293_o
    4.140 kr
    4.675 kr
    mountingVS293 is a spacious but very affordable tool cabinet for garages and workshops. Thanks the flatpack solution where it arrives unassembled the price is much lower in comparison to other equally sized cabinets.
    Excellent choice for all who are on a tighter budget but still needs to improve the order at home or the workshop!
  • VS320_o2

    Wall-mounted cabinet with two fixed shelves

    H x W x D: 580 x 470 x 205 mm
    2.380 kr
    2.690 kr
    VS320 is a nice looking smaller cabinet for e.g. wall mounting, in a nice sober blue colour with two fixed shelves.
    Perfect for use in a workshop, garage and the like. Especially useful if fitted with plastic craters for better order of equipment and hardware.
  • VS291_o1
    5.380 kr
    6.075 kr
    mountingVery affordable tool cabinet for garages and workshops. Delivered unassembled at a low price.
    Excellent choice for all who are on a tighter budget but still needs better order with regards to tools and equipment at home, in their workshop, garage or storage space.
  • VS212_2

    Open partitioned cabinet with 12 shelves

    H x W x D: 2000 x 1000 x 400 mm
    6.940 kr
    7.835 kr
    Practical compartment cabinet.
    VS212 is a high quality thin sheet cabinet with an open partitioned design with 12 shelves, and 72 partitioners. Great easily accessible and efficient solution for better order of items in e.g. garages for nuts and bolts, tools, nails, washers, wrenches, pliers and more....
  • VS204
    6.980 kr
    7.870 kr
    Extra spacious tool cabinet fitted with four removable and moveable shelves.
    Great for anyone who are looking to improve their storage and order in their garage or workshop, for both private or professional use.
  • VS205_o
    13.280 kr
    15.000 kr
    VS205 is a very robustly built tool cabinet that comes complete with 72 blue, and 160 red plastic trays. Excellent for keeping great order of all your your important garage items such as bolts and nuts, washers, screws, nails, tools and the like. Works just as well for private as professional use in garages, workshops etc thanks to its solid design!
  • VS162_1

    Strongly built double tool cabinet

    H x W x D: 1005 x 1000 x 500 mm
    7.780 kr
    8.230 kr
    Lockable practical and spacious double tool cabinet both drawers and two shelves.
    Perfect double storage design for improving efficiency and decreasing efforts in your garage or workshop.
  • VS350_1
    10.640 kr
    11.990 kr
    VS350 is a very spacious workshop or garage cabinet perfect for installation above a work bench or the like. It has tool panels in its entire interior, back, sides and doors for fantastic storage, order, and overview of tools and hardware.
    Great capacity!
  • VS112,open
    3.940 kr
    4.470 kr
    This cabinet is perfect for those who want to organise their garage, storage rooms, or workshop. Several cabinets can be advantageously placed next to each other for additional efficient storage of tools and materials....
  • vs4mf_blå_o
    7.270 kr
    8.450 kr
    Priceworthy, robust & flexible solution.
    This heavy-duty workshop cabinet is fully welded and overall very heavily constructed. Both shelves and extendable drawers can withstand heavy loads. The design of the cabinet gives it a good durability and high capacity in terms of volume and weight....