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Arkivexperten's bargain basement

Welcome to our section for temporary bargains

Here you will find a stream of bargains such as previously used products (e.g. safes and cabinets), to Great prices, in Good to Excellent conditions, or various Demo products (often in excellent conditions), and sometimes even Lightning fast clearance sales, where you can find new products to astonishing prices. So always take a look at the bargains of the day when you visit us, so you never miss any chances to make great deals!

Find anything of interest here today?
Order it in the webshop, or give us a call, send us a mail or contact us through our chat so we can let you know if you are the first one to find and buy the product (i.e. if it's still available).

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  • MC30_1
    9.970 kr
    30.995 kr

    MC30 can hold as many as 30 tablets, or other thin media units such as iPads, MacBooks, Chromebooks and so on. Despite its size it is lightweight and very easy to roll around, especially with its slightly larger wheels. MC30 is further built with a well thought out solution for handling of cables and charging, all for better work efficiency. The USB-charging system frees you from annoying bundles of cables that somehow as by magic ties themselves up.
    Lastly, this particular item has been used as a showroom item but is in great condition. Great bargain!
  • ibxcart-closed

    Trolley for storage and charging of up to 10 tablets/iPads

    Clearance sale, only 1 pcs - Spacious easily rolled trolley for tablets, tablets, light weight, easily rolled, lockable
    9.970 kr
    12.990 kr
    IBXCART10-USB can hold up to 10 tablets, such as iPads for transport and charging. A perfect option for transport and charging of tablets in between e.g. classes in educational activity. With its low weight and rubberised wheels it is very easy to roll this cart around. Furthermore it is built with well thought out solutions for handling cables and charging for better work efficiency. The USB-charging system frees you from annoying bundles of cables that have somehow as by magic tied themselves to each other. A very Complete and well thought out product without a doubt!...
  • IMG_0076

    Shelf / Book support in heavy sheet metal!

    Shelf dividers / book supports in qualitative sheet metal that can be attach to the shelf so that binders, and such won't tilt and fall over sideways.
    250 kr
    550 kr
    Ideal for fixed shelves and compact archives! Note: Does not fit our galvanised shelves S1!