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Wall mounted storage lockers


Have a look at our range of wall mounted storage boxes below

  • 51495

    Small sized sheet metal cabinet for binders and documents

    Easy to install and perfect for wall-mounting with room for 9 binders!
    1.670 kr
    2.195 kr
    Binder cabinet in very manageable size in sheet metal for all kind of storage needs, perfect for wall-mounting.
    Suitable for storage of e.g. binders, important documents such as manuals, instructions or anything else of equal weight and size.
  • 51586_kontor_open

    Small sized easily installed storage cabinet for wall mounting.

    Practical wall-mounted storage cabinet with three shelves for storage of smaller items such as office supplies, medicin, medical equipment and such
    1.680 kr
    2.140 kr
    Small but practical storage cabinet with room for
    medicine packages, smaller equipment, office supplies, and other equally sized items. Prepared for mounted onto a wall for saving of floor space in your office or at home.
  • 52141b
    2.840 kr
    3.240 kr
    Very popular easily placed and installed free standing or wall mounted cabinet with considerable room for many different items.
    Great for all who are short on floor space and needs a storage cabinet and are not concerned with fire protection or enhanced burglar protection.
  • 411501_1_0-1-

    Cube locker with key lock Size M

    Perfect for a purse, wallets, cellphones & keys, and some clothes!
    1.440 kr
    1.640 kr
    SFS3 is a quite spacious cube locker / value box with its dimensions, H × W × D: 450 x 250 x 400 mm. The box has been equipped with key lock as standard and is perfectly suited for temporary storage of various valuables and personal belongings in public spaces such as some clothes, wallets, cellphones, iPads, a purse and the like!
    Cube lockers are easily mounted together into larger multi-compartment configurations.
    Perfect for recreational facilities, but also schools, staff rooms, daycare, leisure yards, hospitals, and so on!