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Computer workstation safes for work spaces

Welcome to our range of cabinets for stationary computers or laptops at terminals in e.g. garages

  • VS425_3

    Låsbart plåtskåp med kabelgenomföring

    För dator/server eller varför inte kaffebryggaren?
    1.440 kr
    1.600 kr

    Ett helsvetsat plåtskåp i mycket bra kvalité. Perfekt för dig som inte behöver något brand- eller kraftigt stöldskydd på skåpet, utan bara vill kunna låsa in och förvara dator/server eller kaffebryggaren eller liknande på liten yta.
  • 9800743_redwebredwebredweb

    Mobile computer workstation cabinet for workshops and industry with dust protection

    Extra deep and spacious, with thought through dimensions!
    8.970 kr
    9.750 kr
    This mobile cabinet is designed to hold a stationary computer in a "computer station" in workshops or industrial spaces. Equipped with a pull-ot shelf for a keyboard and mused, but also dust free cable hole, and fan with a filter this is a great cabinet for any work places where you'd need a mobile or stationary computer workstation.
  • dss175_open2

    Computer cabinet for workshop environments

    Computer station cabinet equipped with Dust-free cable glands, Pull-out keyboard, and mouse pad shelf, and fan!
    6.840 kr
    7.695 kr
    With help of this computer workstation cabinet you can easily store and access a computer and printer in your workshop, since it protects the printer and computer from dust and dirt when not used while not taking up to much space in your workshop....