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Stöldklassade Datorskåp


Här hittar du stöldsäkra datorskåp med SSF3492 klassning

Idag är det tyvärr mycket vanligt med s.k. Smash-n-Grab inbrott i t.ex skolor och andra miljöer som förvarar en mängd dyrbara datorenheter över natten hos sig.

Genom att investera i ett SSF3492-klassat säkerhetsskåp för datorer kan du spara oerhörda summor vid händelse av inbrott, både ur ett försäkringsperspektiv och stöldskyddsperspektiv.

De flesta av våra säkerhetsklassade datorskåp är försedda med både el och ventilation för enkel laddning vid behov av samtliga datorer som förvaras i skåpet.
  • SSK70PC.3

    Small SSF3492 rated laptop cabinet with power outlets for 5 units

    Perfect for secure storage & charging of portable media devices!
    18.050 kr
    20.269 kr
    SSK70PC is a small sized laptop and computer cabinet with room for approximately 5 medium sized portable computers (15").
    Thanks to self-ventilation and a multi-socket for simultaneous charging of 5 media units it can be used both for keeping computer charged and safely stored! In the cabinet there is a branch strip with 5 sockets for charging the computers.
  • saf1000_12L

    SSF3492 rated computer cabinet for 12 laptops

    Equipped with laptop supports for 12 portable computers!
    19.325 kr
    23.763 kr

    SAF1000 is a computer cabinet that has been burglary rated as a SSF3492 security cabinet and equipped with 12 laptop supports for portable computers.
    Perfect choice for educational organisations such as schools, universities and the like.
  • Saf1000E_o_18-laptop

    SSF3492 rated computer cabinet for 18 laptops

    Equipped with laptop supports for 18 portable computers!
    22.550 kr
    27.588 kr
    SAF1000E/18L is a computer cabinet that has been burglary rated as a SSF3492 security cabinet and equipped with laptop supports for 18 portable media devices, e.g. computers.
    Perfect choice for educational organisations such as schools, universities and the like.
  • S1900DD_laptop_open

    Burglary rated SSF3492 security cabinet for laptops

    Perfect for secure storage of laptops!
    53.350 kr
    60.544 kr
    A very spacious and popular security cabinet adapted for laptop storage.
    Room for 66 standard size laptops. Manufactured in high quality steel sheet plus testet and approved, by Swedish SP as a SSF3492 security cabinet
  • S100-10laptop
    26.925 kr
    30.813 kr
    Smart and complete security cabinet for 10 laptops of burglary rating SSF3492. The cabinet holds 10 standard size laptops, and is made of high quality steel sheet. Complete fitting with 10 shelves and power outlets for the computer adapters. There is also the possibility to add extra outlets if necessary. Choose if you want key lock or electronic code lock system!...
  • AX1500_Laptopskap

    Affordable SS3492 rated laptop cabinet

    Electronic keypad code lock included in the price.
    20.550 kr
    22.475 kr
    Strong burglary protection, and well equipped cabinet.
    A priceworthy option for both homes and offices that can hold both larger and smaller size valuables.
  • http___DSS550.profsafe

    Small computer protection box for stationary computer

    Protect your computers from theft, vandalisation, & plunderage
    10.588 kr
    12.063 kr
    DSS550 is a priceworthy easily placed and installed sheet metal box (shell) for protection of a stationary computer (laptop) from adverse consequences of unauthorised access, in schools and other environment.
  • SSK190F.1

    SSF3492 rated computer cabinet with fan & power outlet

    Perfect as a server cabinet or terminal in a workshop!
    38.050 kr
    43.006 kr
    Large ventilated SSF3492 rated security cabinet that can be used as e.g. a computer workstation and/or server cabinet.
    SSK190F is equipped with power outlet, dust cap protected vents, and an thermostatically controlled fan to keep the internal temperature at an acceptable level when locked.
  • SSK150E-14lap.5-VEPC

    Vented SSF3492 storage/charging computer cabinet for 14 laptops w/ CL

    Excellent for storage of iPads, laptops and the like in schools and other environments!
    34.713 kr
    36.593 kr
    SSK150E/14Lap is a SSF3492 rated laptop and computer storage cabinet with ventilation and suitable fitting to accommodate and charge up to 16 laptops simultaneously. As a bonus SSK150E/14Lap is also equipped with an electronic keypad code lock as opposed to key lock which is a great advantage from multiple perspectives. Perfect for schools and other organisations with a lot of portable computers!...
  • SSK190E.1
    46.213 kr
    47.863 kr
    SSK190E / 36L is an extra wide SSF3492 rated security cabinet that has been fitted and designed for storage of up to e.g. 36 medium sized laptops, and simultaneous charging of about 36 media units depending on the combination of adapters and your power outlet surge. Perfect in schools or other organisations with the need for storage of large amounts of portable computers or the like! ...
  • SLS-160-6
    23.550 kr
    28.588 kr
    Size, Up to 1 m
    In this cabinet you can safely store everything from iPads and laptops to expensive tools, cash or the like. It's practical size means it is easy to place the cabinet in even smaller rooms. The Swedish SSF3492 (SSF3492) burglary rating ensures a good lever of security and the separately lockable compartments are perfect for both order and security at the same time. The compartments can be ordered on their own as well if one wish to use them in a another cabinet of equal or similar size....
  • SLS-280-12
    39.525 kr
    48.063 kr
    Size, 1-1.6 m
    Strong SS3492-rated security cabinet with 12 lockable compartments for everything from iPads and laptops to expensive tools or weapons (in Sweden) cabinet. Better security cabinet with lockable compartments are hard to find! The lockable compartments can also be ordered on their own as a separate module to other equally sized cabinets....
  • nslt20

    Security-rated laptop cabinet with 20 compartments

    Separately lockable compartments for e.g. computers!
    45.175 kr
    54.518 kr
    NSL20 is an SS3492-rated security cabinet with 20 separately lockable compartments inside.
    Built with 4 mm steel sheet all around and equipped with a security rated lock system with manganese drill protection plate and glass plate relocker fuse for additional burglar protection.
    Idea for schools, stores, and other companies!