Spacious Data media safe with double fire protection (120/60 min)

With fire protection for paper 120 min & Data media (60 min). Equipped with Electronic keypad code lock, a lockable drawer, and (re)movable shelves.

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Number of binders, 25-36 binders
Number of binders, more than 36 binders
Fire protection, 120 min for paper
Fire protection, 60 min for hard drives, USB, and DVDs
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Bolt-down ready, Yes

DMS130E is a fireproof cabinet with code lock and fingerprint function, in the mid size range with a lot of room but a lower hight to be easily placed. Its fire protection is extensive as it protects both documents and technical gadgets as well as data media such as USB memory sticks, external hard drives and the like. The cabinet is tested at 1000 degrees, which is several hundred°C warmer than at a regular villa fire.
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