Data media safe w/ fire protection 120/60 min paper/data & code lock

Perfekt for enhancing your security at the office, or at home!

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Number of binders, 7-12 binders
Fire protection, 90 min for paper
Fire protection, 60 min for hard drives, USB, and DVDs
Lock system, Electronic code lock

The DMS-series provides extraordinary fire protection, and very good burglary protection. Best of all is however that the DMS-models have fire protection for both data media (e.g. DVDs, HDDs, USB flash drives, digital cameras, laptop, tablet, or other data media), and paper-based material. This really makes it perfect option for anyone who want to enhance their home or company security significantly without paying a lot.
Article number:DMS442E
12.775kr / pcs
14.338 kr / pcs
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