2-drawer Filing cabinet with 120 min fire protection

Perfect for improved protection of your suspension files!

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Fire protection, 120 min for paper
Number of drawers, 2 drawers

PF2 is a very popular suspension file cabinet with a full 120 minutes of fire protection for paper.
The cabinet model is tested and certified at UL, Underwriters´ Labs in the US, as Class 350, a test that also encompasses a heat explosion scenario.
In addition to this, the model is also built and designed such that each closed drawer works as its own isolated fire protection unit, hence all closed drawers remain protected even when one or more are open.
This taken together means that you can feel fully confident in the protective ability of a PF-series cabinet in case of fire!

Enduring and thought out design

Article number:PF2
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17.750 kr / pcs
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