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Här hittar du begagnade och/eller lätt skadade skåp för återbruk

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  • ksk300_sittbank

    Two cabinets and a bench is out for sale, (demo cabinets).

    Priceworthy high quality cabinet for locker and dressing rooms!
    4.325 kr
    7.488 kr
    Easily placed locker in sheet metal with 1 door, suitable in e.g. locker rooms, dressing rooms, personell rooms, and the like. Fully welded quality design with surrounding perforation for good ventilation.
    Completely fitted with shelf and clothes bar with 3 hooks.
  • plv16lap-yellow_2867

    Computer laptop trolley for 16 devices with charging

    PLV - The Best laptop trolleys on the market: Low weight, Large wheels, Smarter Cable & Charging management!
    12.050 kr
    23.744 kr
    PLV16 Lap is a great and popular laptop computer trolley with 16 separate compartments for storage and charging of portable computers. PLV trolleys are in fact some of The Best computer trolleys on the market thanks to their: Light weight design and large wheels for easy rolling of the cart, Smart cable and charging management systems and last but not least their availability in four different joyful colour combinations for easy identification of trolleys when one has several. All in all a Complete and Very well thought out product!...
  • ibxcart-open

    Trolley for storage and charging of up to 10 tablets/iPads

    Clearance sale, only 1 pcs - Spacious easily rolled trolley for tablets, tablets, light weight, easily rolled, lockable
    6.875 kr
    16.238 kr
    IBXCART10-USB can hold up to 10 tablets, such as iPads for transport and charging. A perfect option for transport and charging of tablets in between e.g. classes in educational activity. With its low weight and rubberised wheels it is very easy to roll this cart around. Furthermore it is built with well thought out solutions for handling cables and charging for better work efficiency. The USB-charging system frees you from annoying bundles of cables that have somehow as by magic tied themselves to each other. A very Complete and well thought out product without a doubt!...