Pendaflex Plus Suspension file in Yellow (25-pack)

Value pack - with High quality hanging folders!

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The Pendaflex Plus hanging folders are of the best quality, and therefore sports a more than priceworthy endurance, for any offices.
Pendaflex Plus is a heavy-duty high endurance cardboard hanging folder /suspension file with reinforced joints and folds. Equipped with metal hooks for its suspension and can hold about 3 cm of paper.
The folder also comes with a label that can be attached to the folder. It is available in Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue, which you can find down below or under accessories. You can also find other types and models of suspension file / hanging folders in different colours and formats under accessories.
Article number:HM25PEND_GUL
638kr / pcs
725 kr / pcs
Stock status:In stock
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