High security Value safe rated as EN1143-1, Grade I

En1143-1 rated cabinet for storage of higher values!

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Fire protection, None
Lock system, Key lock
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Grade, I

P60SD is as its larger sibling P120SD an EN1143-1 rated value safe of Grade !
Thanks to the EN1143-1 Grade I rating, Swedish insurance companies approve of storage of values reaching up to 80.000 SEK in this cabinet. This is for many a prerequisite for their storage of e.g. jewellery, daily takings and the like, which makes it a very good alternative for shops, kiosks, and stores.

High security burglar protection

An EN1143-1 burglary rating is one of the best burglary protection ratings on the market. Depending on the Grade, I to VII, all are usually approved by Swedish insurance companies for insured storage of various larger values.
Since insurance requirements might differ between countries, and local circumstances, please make sure to check with your insurance company what applies to your specific circumstances. If you are lucky, your insurance company might allow for an even higher value limit, although the opposite could be true in some circumstances as well.
Article number:P60SD
16.140kr / pcs
18.215 kr / pcs
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