SSF3492 rated key cabinet with code lock for 390 keys

Many keys at a small floor surface!

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Number of hooks, more than 151
Lock system, Key lock
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Burglary protection, SSF3492

SSK 70 is a compact wall-mounted SSF3492 rated security cabinet with room for up to 390 keys.
Thanks to its burglary rating Swedish insurance companies allow for insured storage of items that together reach an equivalent values of 40,000 SEK.

SSF3492 burglary rating

SSK70 is tested and approved as a SSF3492 burglary rated security cabinet. This means that most Swedish insurance companies approve of insured storage of items that together reach a value of about 40,000 SEK in this cabinet.
Sometimes if you have good shell protection like bars of windows and an alarm that is connected to a security company they even allow for values up to 80,000 SEK.
Important Note!Since insurance policies can differ between different countries and local circumstances we advice you to check what applies to your particular circumstances!
Article number:SSK70/2-390
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