Large key box with weather protection similar to an electrical box

Very Popular with truckers!

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Number of hooks, 1-10 hooks
Locking system, Mechanical code lock
Burglary protection, Anti-theft (Most importantly, much much better than the usual hideaway places!)

AXN13 is an extra large model that can hold a key bundle, or various types of longer keys (e.g. car keys), but also access cards, or of course several regular sized keys.
Many people hide an extra key in the vicinity of their entrance door. In the same fashion, truckers somewhere hide their key in the vicinity of the drivers door. Both, but especially the first example, are very risky. Most thieves are namely well aware of the usual hideaway places (flower put, in an electrics box, on a nail in a barn, below the stairs to the house, or worst of all temporary in the letter box)
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