Boca Do Lobo Luxury safe with mechanical code lock

Extraordinary safe for art lovers who are looking for a safe that transcends the normal idea of what a safe can be!

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Locking system, Mechanical code lock

Boca Do Lobo Luxury safes is a series of completely handmade cabinets / safes in various astonishing designs.
Millionaire Silver, is a silver version of the Millionaire Gold safe, which is built to whisper about the long gone history of the Californian Gold rush during the nineteenth century.
In contrast to its sibling Millionaire Gold, Millionaire Silver has been ornamented with a breathtaking silver coated high gloss shell with various golden details such as its Wild-West looking crank and gear wheels that has been coupled with gold coated classic mechanical code lock. Millionaire silver is just a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art while being a safe at the same time. Build to impress, and remind us of a long gone history of western societies.
Article number:MILL-SILVER-LUX
749.325kr / pcs
906.136 kr / pcs
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