Larger sized anti-theft value safe in stylish orange

H x W x D: 550 x 520 x 406 mm

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Lock system, Electronic code lock

BN400 is a fairly spacious neatly designed value safe suitable for use in e.g. homes and hotels.
Anti-theft cabinets such as this value safe makes a very priceworthy lockable and robust storage for e.g. laptops and other similar valuables. Anti-theft cabinets such as basic value safes are a super priceworthy, although not burglary rated, immense improvement of security for valuables, compared to the normal hideaways or storage options such as e.g. unlocked drawers.
Great for keeping thieves as well as other potentially scanty people away from your valuables, when you are away, or you, or your kids e.g. are hosting a party at home.

Article number:BN400
2.675kr / pcs
3.069 kr / pcs
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