Small SSF3492 rated laptop cabinet with power outlets for 5 units

Perfect for secure storage & charging of portable media devices!

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SSK70PC is a small sized laptop and computer cabinet with room for approximately 5 medium sized portable computers (15").
Thanks to self-ventilation and a multi-socket for simultaneous charging of 5 media units it can be used both for keeping computer charged and safely stored! In the cabinet there is a branch strip with 5 sockets for charging the computers.

SSF3492 rated security cabinet

The SSF3492 burglary rating ensures that he product has been thoroughly tested by Swedish SP to withstand a certain amount of forceful break-in attempts without breaking.
This means that you do get a stronger burglary protection from a SSF3492-rated safe than a regular anti-theft safe.
In Sweden the SSF3492 rating also means that most local insurance companies approve of insured storage of up to 40.000 SEK if anchored.
SSF3492 rated safes are therefore perfect for use in both homes, offices and stores whenever there is a special need for improved burglary protection!
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20.269 kr / pcs
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