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Laptop and computer safes for single to few units

Welcome to our range of small sized safes for laptop computers and other media devices

Perfect cabinets / safes for protection against quick and easy theft of computer and media devices, with room for one single portable laptop computer, or a few smaller devices, such as Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, and the like.

  • ML110
    2.860 kr
    3.310 kr
    nG3JLrnOlzgLocking, Fingerprint
    Anti-theft safes are an immense improvement of your security from storage in normal drawers and such. This one is perfect for both home and business use, and ultimate for all who neither wants to carry any extra keys around nor have to remember any codes, all thanks to its fingerprint lock system.

    With this safe 1-20 users can just simply use their fingerprints to open the safe. It doesn't get much quicker or easier than that! One demo safe is out for sale.
  • Prestige500stangd
    4.540 kr
    5.350 kr
    Lock system, Electronic code lock
    PRE500 is a larger and thus more spacious version of the small PRE200 and PRE250 value safes. All elegantly designed and built for all who not only want something to lock in their valuables in (jewelry, passports, money, laptops and tablets, or private items), but also wants something that is a treat for the eyes.
  • PrestigeLAP1
    3.270 kr
    3.850 kr
    Lock system, Electronic code lock
    PRELAP is one of the larger neatly designed PRE-safes. All designed and built for those who not only want something to lock in their valuables in (laptops, jewellery, money, laptops and tablets and so on), but also something they can be a treat to the eye.
  • T20E-led_c
    2.440 kr
    2.730 kr
    Lock system, Electronic code lock
    T20E-LED is a great choice for safer storage of laptops, iPads/tablets and other tech equipment or e.g. jewellery, passports, smaller amounts of cash etc.
    Thanks to its landscape design it is easily placed on a shelf in the wardrobe, while still being able to accommodate a medium sized laptop and other lower items.
  • kt200n_ho
    2.600 kr
    2.935 kr
    Lock system, Electronic code lock

    KT2 is a neatly designed value safe suitable for use in e.g. homes and hotels.
    Anti-theft cabinets such as this value safe makes a very priceworthy lockable and robust storage for e.g. laptops and other similar valuables. Anti-theft cabinets such as basic value safes are a super priceworthy, although not burglary rated, immense improvement of security for valuables, compared to the normal hideaways or storage options such as e.g. unlocked drawers.
    Great for keeping thieves as well as other potentially scanty people away from your valuables, when you are away, or you, or your kids e.g. are hosting a party at home.
  • Laptopbox-67845-Closed_red

    Strong anti-theft box for laptops

    The box is expandable and can be anchored
    3.100 kr
    3.299 kr
    Swedish quality
    Burglary protection box for storage of valuables such as a laptop computer, mobile or cell phone, and the like....