Large data media safe w/ 120 min all-round fire protection

A true fire protection safe with the ability to protect not only paper-based material and jewellery, but all your data media items, and even photo negatives and magnetic tape. The cabinet is equipped with key lock with two included keys. HxWxD: 1025 x 54

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Fire protection, 120 min for hard drives, USB, and DVDs
Fire protection, 120 min for magnetic tape and negative
Lock system, Key lock

This cabinet sports one of the absolut best fire protection abilities on the market, which practically means it can protect almost all of your valuables. From the least heat sensitive materials (paper-based, jewellery and the like), through the fairly heat sensitive materials (data media/digital media equipment), to the most heat sensitive materials (magnetic tape, and photo negatives), during 120 min of intense fire.
Article number:DG80
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