Spacious high security value safe rated as Grade IV EN1143-1

Approved for storage of values up to 350,000 SEK (in Sweden)

R 1200 varde
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Fire protection, 60 min for paper
Lock system, Key lock
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Grade, IV

An EN1143-1 rated high security value safe offers superb burglary protection. R1500-IV, is a spacious value safe of grade IV. Thanks to its grade Swedish insurance companies approve of insured storage of up to 350,000 SEK in this safe. As a bonus this safe also offers 60 minutes of fire protection for materials with the same heat tolerance as paper.
Thanks to this fine combination you get a very powerful and comprehensive protection for your valuables when buying this safe!

High security burglar protection & insured storage

Article number:R1500-IV
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