Spartan electronic keypad code lock with straight stud/direct drive

Practical and secure locking alternative for our VSP cabinets!

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Battery-powered electric code lock with two codes for anti-theft cabinets in the VSP series, safes grade 4 and 5. There are many advantages with electronic keypad code locks. For one, you don't need to carry the, often bulgy, security keys with you wherever you go, at the risk of loosing them, or worse deciding to hide them somewhere instead. If many are suppose to have access to the safe there is a high risk of lost keys, or keys that are in the wrong place when needed. Lastly code locks stop thieves from searching for keys in the vicinity of the safe (even if there might not be any such keys to be found). This can save you a lot of money by reducing property damage from careless searching for keys.
Article number:SPARTAN-VSP
6.440kr / pcs
7.250 kr / pcs
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