Extra spacious S2 safe with key lock & 60 min fire protection

H × B × D: 1950 x 1240 x 585 mm

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Fire protection, 60 min for paper
Burglary protection, Rated S2, EN14450
Lock system, code lock
Number of binders, more than 25 binders

The S2-1950E is a very spacious S2 safe with combined burglary and fire protection rating to give you the best of both worlds at a compressed price. In contrast to many other S2 safes S2-1950 is very spacious. This makes it excellent as a multipurpose safe since there is no problem to fit it with multiple accessories to suit your particular needs. You get a code lock installed with this safe that makes no problem wiht any loss of keys.
Article number:S2-1950E
44.270kr / pcs
48.580 kr / pcs
Stock status:In stock
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