Multi-compartment cabinet with 6 compartments & log function

1432201 Sittbank 800 nya serien bok-1
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Lock system, Electronic code lock
Burglary protection, Anti-theft

VB7006S is a multi-compartment cabinet with 6 compartments that each open with their own code(s).
For better control of the use of the solution, this particular model also has log function that keeps track of which codes are used to open the cabinet at which time points.

Build and design

VB7006S is made of strong weather resistant powder coated galvanised sheet metal for good endurance over time.
Thanks to its six spacious compartments there is plenty of room for temporary storage of all kinds of valuables, small to medium sized items such as mobiles, wallets, cards, tools, bags, or other personal belongings.
Article number:VB7006S-APP
21.838kr / pcs
23.725 kr / pcs
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