Security classed key cabinet with electric lock for 140 keys

Equipped with code lock, and can hold up to 140 keys

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SP65-keyAlpha 5cmDetaljbild nyckelkrokar Sp 222Detaljbild nyckelkrokar SP88N372

Number of hooks, 51-150 hooks
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Burglary protection, SSF3492

AX140 is a very robust and stable key cabinet that meets the insurance companies' demands for insurance approved storage of keys (and valuables up to 40,000 SEK) This cabinet is build out of 4 mm enduring steel plate, and has in contrast to many other similar cabinets been built with a comb locking system instead of a bolt work. This gives the safe a break-in protection along the whole side of its door which is a real obstacle for burglars.
Article number:AXN140E
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