Popular key cabinet with 48 hooks, code lock & extra depth

Very practical and popular key cabinet with homes and businesses!

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Number of hooks, 11-50 hooks
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Burglary protection, Anti-theft

PX48 is the middle sized of the PX series key cabinets. Perfectly suited for health care units and small businesses, although popular with homes as well. Thanks to its extra depth there is never any problems with "too large" key bundles, while this lets it work as a small sized wall-mounted safe as well. Although it's obvious why an organisation want a lockable key cabinet, it might not be as obvious why home owners should have one too. But if we give it some thought, many of us tend to store our invaluable keys loosely just inside our entrance door. With a lockable key cabinet we remove this great opportunity for thieves to swiftly and silently steal e.g. keys to vehicles while we're at home being occupied with something else.
Article number:PX48
2.675kr / pcs
3.350 kr / pcs
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