Keyhole with code lock and bluetooth

Smart and safe keybox for storage of extra keys outside.

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Number of hooks, 1-10 hooks
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Burglary protection, Anti-theft

Nyckelömman - a Perfect gift! A key box (or Nyckelgömma as we call it in Sweden) is a great gift, especially this one which is equipped with bluetooth as well.

Where do you hide your key?

Most people hide an extra key in the vicinity of their entrance door in any of the typical hideaway spots, e.g. the flower pot, under the door mat, in a barn, under the entrance bridge, in an electrical cabinet and so on.. This is a very bad idea, since most thieves are well aware of the usual hideaway places, which leaves them with a silent and quick entry to your house. By "hiding"/storing your key in one of our weatherproof key boxes instead, which you mount in a smart place (e.g. at your neighbours house, if it's ok), or some other suitable place you will enhance the home security level immensely, while retaining all of the perks of having an extra key available. A Smart & Safer solution!

Article number:AXN10-BT
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4.219 kr / pcs
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