Key box (aka Nyckelgömman) with useful magnet

Smart and useful key box for safer storage of regular or longer extra keys.

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Number of hooks, 1-10 hooks
Locking system, Mechanical code lock
Burglary protection, Anti-theft

Nyckelgömman (aka the Key box) will solve your key related problems to lowest possible cost! Take a look at this very practical weatherproof key store safe box, with smart magnet for a key chain!

Where do you hide your key?

Many people tend to hide an extra key in the vicinity of their entrance door (just in case, or temporary at times), this is a very bad idea, since most thieves are well aware of the usual hideaway places anyhow (e.g. the flower pot, under a door mat, above a door, under the entrance bridge, in a storage barn, around the corner, in electrical cabinets, or worst case scenario in your letter box?). This will leave them with a complete and silent access to your home, memories and valuables, which we really want to avoid. By "hiding"/storing your key in one of our weatherproof key boxes instead, which you mount in a smart place (e.g. by your neighbours house, if they're okey with it), or somewhere else in the vicinity of your door, you will enhance the security level immensely, while retaining all of the perks of having an extra key available (see some examples below). Smarter, Safer and cheaper!

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