Neat locker room cabinet with arched metallic powder coated doors

Let your locker or personell room come to life with these beautifully designed lockers!

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This is a beautiful locker with its nice arched metallic painted doors. A real treat for your eyes!

Boring or Beautiful, which one do you prefer?

Ordinary locker rooms filled with the ordinary rectangular straight angle locker room cabinets are usually not only boring and unaesthetic, but uninspiring as well! It is however easy to change this feeling by filling these rooms with KSxxMET lockers instead. Thanks to their beautifully arched doors in some soothing metallic powder coating paint you've chosen, these lockers will not only lift the aesthetics of the room, but help you inspire whomever is using the room that they're placed in, be it personell, athletes, or random people in a public dressing room.

Six colour combinations

Article number:KS18MET
9.925kr / pcs
11.533 kr / pcs
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